Neo Instruments has introduced the Ventilator II, the successor of the original Ventilator model.

  • Faithful replication of the model 122 Leslie’s® rotary effect
  • Independent emulations of bass and treble rotors
  • Rugged sheet metal chassis and recessed knobs
  • Faithful replication of the original’s mechanical properties
  • Speaker simulation emulating the 122’s frequency response
  • Same 800Hz crossover as the original
  • Adjustable rotary speed and acceleration
  • Drive section that simulates tube saturation in the Leslie’s amp
  • Variable placement of virtual microphones
  • Relay-equipped true bypass circuit
  • Speaker simulation may be switched off for guitar amps
  • Port for a remote footswitch / half-moon switch / expression pedal
  • Simple, straightforward analog handling
  • Controls: Bypass, Slow / Fast, Stop, Lo / Hi Input Gain select
  • Parameters: Fast Speed, Slow Speed, Balance, Acceleration, Drive, Mode (Git1, Git2, Key), Mix / Distance Lo, Mix / Distance Hi, Level, Remote select (Switch, Pedal Speed, Pedal Mix)
  • Connections: In L, In R / Mono, Out L, Out R / Mono, Remote, 12V DC
  • Dimensions: 160 x 140 x 57 mm
  • Weight: 1100 g
NeoVentilatorII- $498.00   

NeoVentilatorII- $498.00