BlackHAMMOND is proud to offer NEW HAMMOND organs and Leslie speakers to the coastal Georgia region and beyond.

New HAMMOND organs are built in a suburb of Chicago, just 20 miles away from where the company started in 1935. HAMMOND-SUZUKI builds organs like the NEW B3mkII, A-162, miniB, A-405, and 935.

Some may argue that the New HAMMOND organs aren't the "real" thing.

BlackHAMMOND's position on that is simply this...

The "real" thing used to be a Victrola, then the phonograph, record, eight-track, cassette, CD, MP3, etc. Oh, and certainly don't forget about the old operator and rotary dial phones. What's that in your pocket?

Technology has evolved into new and more efficient ways to create tone, music, sine waves, etc. This doesn't mean that the sound is not "real."

HAMMOND-SUZUKI is doing a fine job of building great instruments to meet the needs of the 21st-century musicians, churches, and enthusiasts.

New HAMMOND organs are maintenance free and are backed by the manufacturer's 60-month warranty! There is no oil, tubes, or moving parts. We have found them to have a long, trouble-free lifespan. 


Financing and institutional leasing available for all new HAMMOND organs and Leslie systems.

Call or email for details 912.308.1238 or