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BlackHAMMOND specializes in the full restoration of vintage Hammond organs and Leslie speaker systems. We have offices in Savannah and Griffin, GA. We also have representation in Atlanta, Nashville, and in the Akron, OH region. We are an authorized new Hammond-Suzuki, StudioLogic, Kurzweil, and Neo-Instruments dealer. BlackHAMMOND sells and installs TrekII products, Neo-Instruments, Smooth-Move products and a multitude of other Hammond-Leslie related products both new and used. We buy, rent, and sell new and vintage Hammond organs and Leslie systems. Whether you or your church is in need of a new or rebuilt unit, or the restoration of your existing unit, BlackHAMMOND can fill the need both great and small. Trade-ins are our specialty.

We accept all major credit cards. Financing and leasing arrangements are also available.